Welcome to the 30th Annual Supercomputing Challenge!

Another Year's Competition Is Complete

The Supercomputing Challenge is a program for elementary, middle, and high schools students to come up with a computational science project and work on it all year long.

The Expo and Awards Ceremony went Virtual!

See the Dates Page for the dates of the events for the 30th Annual Supercomputing Challenge.

The Supercomputing Challenge is pleased to announce that Paige Prescott has accepted the position of Executive Director of the Supercomputing Challenge. Read the press release.

After the judging in April 2019, Drew, one of the finalist judges commented: "The first and second place teams did astonishing, professional level work. By the time they graduate from high school they will quite likely have done more to benefit mankind than most folks accomplish in a lifetime." Check out the KRQE Interview with Lillian Petersen, who was on the winning team in the 2018-2019 Supercomputing Challenge. She also received the prestigious Cutler-Bell prize.


You can review the 2018-2019 information.

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