Scholarship Applicant Schedule

Scholarship Applicants - Monday, April 27

Scholarship judges:

We thank all scholarship applicants. The following is a list of applicants selected to be interviewed. Some of you may have conflicts that will require changes. Please contact Consult if necessary. Interviews will be held via Zoom.

TimeStudent School Team
12:30 PMBrendan KuncelEldorado High Team 16
12:50 PMMaximillian Montoya Monte del Sol Team 1016
1:10 PMNefi Guevera Perez Monte del Sol Team 1016
1:30 PMLillian Petersen Los Alamos High Team 20
1:50 PMGerman Rojo Capital High Team 13
2:10 PMGracie Sanchez Melrose High Team 37
2:30 PMCharles Strauss Los Alamos High Team 1005
2:50 PMOscar TorresCapital High Team 13
3:10 PMJerrel White Manzano High Team 26