It all begins with one

Team: 10

School: Belen Middle

Area of Science: Behavioral and Social Sciences

Interim: Problem definition: To create awareness about how changing one variable in behavior can change the outcome when someone is facing a challenge such as dealing with emotions from bullying.

Problem solution: To create a simulation using netlogo which will simulate the various outcomes of how teenagers deal with bullying. The variable will reflect the choices that someone has to respond toward being a victim of bullying.

Progress so far: We have watched the documentary "Bully" to see how bullying effects teenagers. We will use the multiple outcomes from the research to create a simulation showing that bullying has an affect on teenagers.

Expected results: Using Netlogo we will add a variable to represent people who got help to get over a bully. Bullies will be blue. Bullied teenagers will be red and may eventually become nonexistent for various reasons or turn back to white. All teenagers start as white.
When the simulation is run with the variable we will then analyze the results to create a positive campaign against bullying.

Team Members:

  Magdalena Sisneros
  Kailyn Black

Sponsoring Teacher: Juanita Silva

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