Security Application For Every School (SAFES)

Team: 1021

School: Oak Grove Classical Academy

Area of Science: Engineering

Interim: Team Members:​
Revolution Rivera-Felix, Isaiah Zunic, Baylor Burr, Brooke Renshaw, Tobias Fernanez

Definition of Problem:
All over the world, and recently in the US, there have been real threats and consequences of school shootings. Since it is a relatively low threat, we have somewhat overlooked the safety of students. Our goal is to prevent all school shootings and deter shooters, and provide an affordable alternative to the solutions already available.

Our solution to this problem is SAFES. SAFES is an application using both Python and XCODE we are designing that will be worn by the staff in a school. This application will be running in the background and listening for a gunshot. If one is detected, it will alert both the school’s security and all the teachers or staff in the school premises. This detection will be able to use multiple watches to pinpoint and track the specific location of the shooter and allow him/her to quickly be apprehended and/or avoided.

So far, we have been able to get the Python to plot out a gunshot. We can plug in sound files and have the coding plot those out. The XCODE side has been able to make an app interface with a manual panic button and the ability to send an alert to a phone number and email.

In the future, we have to do more coding and research to know how to set parameters that will specifically detect a gunshot, and not any other sounds. Part of this includes collecting a database of common guns. The XCODE side will have to learn how to automatically alert people and be able to run in the background of the watch without interfering with the useability of the watch. We will also have to figure out how to merge the Python and XCODE coding to work together to both detect and notify schools of gunshots. As with any product the legality of the item itself must be determined. We have found that according to the U.S. Privacy Act of 1974 our product does not break any of the privacy laws as the device does not record but instead, passively listens to and detects gunshots. It does not record conversations and as a precaution the school administration will be required to have parents and staff agree to the use of our product around themselves and their loved ones.

1. ​Privacy Act of 1974
2. ​Privacy Act 12 Exceptions minder12.pdf
3. Python Audio
4. List of Weapons used in Shootings

Team Members:

  Tobias Fernandez
  Brooke Renshaw
  Baylor Burr

Sponsoring Teacher: Isaiah Nixon

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