QR Surveys

Team: 23

School: Los Lunas High

Area of Science: Cyber Security

Interim: Problem Definition:
In our newly internet and technology based world, we are presented with some new issues on how to keep ourselves and our technology safe. We seem very blind in the way that we give data. Many people do not understand that our data is personal information. So, we are faced with the problem of assuming something can be trusted and giving away our priceless information to anyone with a computer and knowledge.
Problem Solution :
In my project, I have decided to solve a problem by making one. You must be informed to make decisions, so I have decided to see if people would give me their information and data in the promise of something in return. So, I will promise something that people would want in return for their precious data. So how could I do this?
My plan is to do something similar to the presenters at the Kick-Off. I plan to put a QR code around my school, with the knowledge of the administrators of course, and see how much data I could collect. The best way of collecting this data is through a survey provider, which I have chosen Survey Monkey. At the end of the survey, I may include a lesson on cyber security and how to keep precious data safe.
So where am I now? Right now, I'm trying to get my survey set up. I don't want to use a topic too valuable to a student, because they may need what I say I'm giving, which is not nice. So it would have to be something that isn't necessary, like possibly a raffle. I could collect this data to access their private information through power school, which is the problem. If students were to actually give this information to someone who had evil intentions, they can actually access a lot of your school records and utilities. Of course, I won't be accessing these things, but its important that in my project I add a lesson to teach others of the threats that come along with giving away information.
Expected Results :
I honestly expect a lot of information from people to give me their information. A lot of people will give anything to win something or even feel validated. I expect a lot of people to not even question what I am asking for, as I plan to ask for some odd things considering it's just a raffle. In all, I plan for this to teach some people about cyber security and giving others information.

Team Members:

  Francesco Maes
  Sidney Anderson

Sponsoring Teacher: Anne Loveless

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