Guitar for the Internet

Team: 3

School: Belen High

Area of Science: Physics,

Interim: Problem:
Most people have issues learning how to play a guitar from a book or a teacher. They are also relying more on the internet and our phones. So why not put the two together and make an application that will read the notes you play and tell you how to make it sound better.

How are you/do you plan to solve this problem computationally:
As i have stated i plan to attempt to make an application that will make learning guitar easier. Like a tuner it will read the notes and can hopefully tell you how to make it sound better. This is all hypothetical since i have been told I am not capable of doing this.

What progress have you made up to this point:
I have done probably more than enough research than needed. I completed a PowerPoint of 15 slides talking about what a tuner is, how it works, how a guitar makes sound,and how to read sound waves and frequency's. I have not done much coding but my teacher and i have started to make a small machine that will pick up sound.

What results are you expecting:
By the end of this school year i am not expecting to finish the app. As my other group members have left and i'm doing this by my self; i believe i will only get to the beginning of the coding.

I apologize for not having much but i will try to get as far as i can.

Team Members:

  Rachel Fletcher
  Leah Vivier
  Celestina Shirley

Sponsoring Teacher: Jerry Esquivel

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