A novel approach to winning a domino game

Team: 31

School: Media Arts Charter School

Area of Science: Game theory

Interim: Problem Definition:
In the “block” domino game you primarily have 2 to 4 people each with 7 dominoes, they try to match the “pips”, which are the studs on the sides of the dominoes, to one in a train. If the player can not play a domino, the turn goes to the person on their left and if no one can play the game ends with a “block” the players would then add up the number of pips total on all of their dominoes and the person with the lowest total would win.For my project I am looking into how to create a novel strategy to win a domino game. I will attempt to create a computer program that would be able to go against actual humans and other computers by choosing one of three strategies.

Problem strategy:
For the the three strategies there will be a strategy where the program will play a legal move at random,another one it tries to make the opponent draw from the bone pile and one where it tries to score points,I will also add a strategy that plays one of the strategies at random.

Where I am:
I have currently just started coding the computer program so that is can play a legal move at random, I have already coded the dominoes being sorted into the hands and the bone pile. The research that Imay need to do from here is just referring to the user manual, the rest will be coding the rest of the strategies.

Results I am expecting:
The program when done could be used as an example to model strategies off of, the code is building new strategies with code. The expected result is for the program to be able to make the opponent do the expected goal when given a command

Team Members:

  Erich Mueller

Sponsoring Teacher: Creighton Edington

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