Boy Bands

Team: 32

School: Media Arts Charter School

Area of Science: Psychology

Interim: Problem Definitions:
The plan that i am doing consist of trying to find the successful algorithm for boy bands. Even though this is not a massive issue boy bands are still very significant for teen culture. As the years go on there will be more bands to appear and if they have this successful algorithm to follow they will have a bigger chance of lasting longer.

Problem Solutions:
The way I plan to resolve this problem is by first elect all of the most common boy bands from separate decades. With all of the boy bands I go through each band and see if they were able to play instruments, dance, or had accents. Also, what age they were when they became famous, what are their ethnicity, how long they lasted, there vocal range/skill, and if they had any type of accent. After that, I find out of all the bands data then put it together in a chart. The bands that comes out with the maximum score will be the principal standard algorithm I will use and I will put what the band could have done better to have the ultimate algorithm. Than I will join all other types of boy bands and different ethnicity to have a variety of information. By also having what traits each boy band had that made them more appealing or dislike able is another perspective I observe to inform whether if they were an admirable boy band or not. The “cuteness factor” is another part of data I examine at, the “cuteness factor” is just a way of saying the boy bands were cute or not. The way I can reveal whether boy bands had the cuteness factor or not is by looking at how the fans reacted toward each band member.

The progress that I have so far is all of the boy bands from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and half way through the 90’s researched and finished such as (60’s)The Beatles, (70s) the monkees, menudo, (80s) NEW EDITION, the jackson five, duran duran,A- Ha, New Kids On the block,brother beyond, Take That, and (90s) 5ive ,BBMak, Hanson, Boyz II Men. Also, for safe measures I added how long did the band's last and if they were on and off. The reason why I added how long or brief they lasted was to see what were the reasons why whether if reasons were good or bad.

The Result:
The result I anticipate to happen is to have the successful algorithm for boy bands with some alternatives. By meaning alternatives I mean having one complete algorithm and some other really good ways to still be successful but they won't be as proficient.


Team Member: Taniya Parrish
Teacher Sponsor: Creighton Edington

Team Members:

  Taniya Parrish

Sponsoring Teacher: Creighton Edington

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