Unique Ways of Data

Team: 33

School: Media Arts Charter School

Area of Science: Data Science

Interim: To state the progress of my project involving data visualization, so far with the help of my mentors, the webpage is coming slowly to fruition. We currently have a size set for the images of each trend in scale and a color scheme set for the page itself. As for research, on the other hand, my mentors had shown me examples of different kinds of data visualizations in different styles. http://cdnlarge.tableausoftware.com/sites/default/files/pages/the_5_most_influential_data_visualizations_of_all_time_0.pdf
shows 5 different examples of data visualization that impacted history and how they were done. After a little more research on my own, I’ve realized that it’s important to collect data that means something to everyone else.

Looking at two sites about what makes a good data visualization, another thing that is important is to not make the data look distracting in any way. The main focus is the data itself and telling the viewers a story. However, my project isn’t to tell a story, but to show a way of collecting data from the internet. My model is a data visualization based on the top trending searches on the internet and I am using Notepad++ along with Javascript. When I looked at the review of my proposal, one of the suggestions was, what if you used this for videogames instead? I thought about it for a while and asked my mentors about it.

It’s possible with a lot of research, therefore I decided to look up some sites that had to do with popular votes and most trending. I have researched popular websites, such as IGN ( https://www.ign.com/) and GameSpot (https://www.gamespot.com/) to see how reviews for a game are tallied. I also researched the bigger games to figure out how I can put this website to use and decided on a trending list under the collage with basic information on the games listed. Not only looking at these sites, I also looked at Steam as well for the popular vote system.

Team Members:

  Selena Rodriguez

Sponsoring Teacher: Creighton Edington

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