Volleyballl Statistics

Team: 45

School: Melrose High

Area of Science: Statistics

Interim: Team Number: Team 45
School name: Melrose High School
Area of science: Statistics
Project title: Volleyball Statistics
Last year our team wanted to do a project over volleyball statistics to help our volleyball team keep better track of each individual player’s plays. Because of interference with personal problems and other academic activities, we did not complete our project in time to present. This year we would like to have another chance to compete in the Supercomputing challenge.
Our project will create a model of the volleyball court including the court, the “ten foot line”, and the volleyball net. There will be agents that represent the players, and an agent representing the ball that moves on screen according to what play is happening. There will be buttons that tell who “passes” the ball, who “sets” the ball and to whom she sets, and finally who “hits” the ball. There will be buttons showing who “serves” the ball, who “blocks” the opposing players hit, and where the ball touches the court. Along with extra time, smaller details may be added to the model.
We hope this model will help our team track each player’s performance and highlight what areas need improvement and in which areas they are doing their best.
Team Members:
• Joshua Littell
• Caitlyn Nicholson
• Anjalina Sanchez
Sponsoring Teacher:
• Alan Daugherty
Project mentors:
• Alan Daugherty
• Melrose Volleyball Team

Team Members:

  Joshua Littell
  Caitlyn Nicholson
  Anjalina Sanchez
  Alexia Soto

Sponsoring Teacher: Alan Daugherty

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