Safety on the Road!

Team: 54

School: Mesilla Valley Leadership Academy

Area of Science: Public Saftey

Interim: Interim Report Word count: 503
By: Stephanie Hernandez and Jacqueline Jimenez

Hello, We are team 54 our project title is Safety on the Road! Which is about how we can fix driving under the influence accidents, In this report, we will be answering your questions that you have provided for us below in the form of a Q&A.

Q: What is this project about?

A: This project we are doing, is about how we can make reductions to DUI’s by using the technology advancements of today. We were thinking if we can use the Supercomputing Challenge as a way to get our point across for making devices to help deduct the DUI accidents that happen every year. By making these advancements there would be less fatalities and more safety. We also plan to converse with police officers to lessen the probability of innocent people being arrested for DUI charges with this in mind we can then proceed into the future of scientific discoveries and explore this planet we call home.

Q: How are you going to plan to solve this problem computationally?

A: We plan to make a computer program using NetLogo to visualize the different ways we could think to solve this problem such as using a breathalyzer in every car that will be set at a legal alcohol number for each state. And making a car that would drive the intoxicated person home. So we would have Group A be the regular people getting off of work Group B be the new cars and Group C be the intoxicated humans. We also would like to make a scanner that would scan people at bars and pubs that would show the color according to the persons alcohol level, such as green means they are okay to drive there will be different colors depending on how intoxicated they are.

Q: What progress have you made up to this point?

A: So far at this point we have conducted interviews with legal systems that deal with these court cases everyday and what they would want in the future as far as driving while intoxicated. There will be a page of their interviews at a later date, in other progressions our code has been acting strangely and we are currently looking into the problem and how to fix it. Other progress is still in session like the deaths caused from DUI’s in New Mexico and more devices that’ll help reduce this death rate. We have also been without any internet in Las Cruces for months now which has been extremely difficult to conduct reasearch without internet but we will continue to work on it.

Q: What results are you expecting?

A: We are hoping to find results that will help the future of DUI catastrophes and hopefully eliminate driving under the influence of alcohol penalties then move into the future of technology and science or to discover new medications. Maybe even build a rocket to go to Mars!

Thank you!

Team Members:

  Jacqueline Jimenez
  Stephanie Hernandez
  Angelica Reyna

Sponsoring Teacher: Tracie Mikesell

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