Child safety

Team: 55

School: Mesilla Valley Leadership Academy

Area of Science: Cyber security

Interim: This project is about the safety of children under the age of 18, we want to assist parents who don’t want their kids to access certain apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and other various social media along with the internet like Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines like them. It will also not allow them to access certain websites, so the child cannot get to and use these websites without a parent allowing the child to visit the website. We plan to solve this by creating an app. The app will link up to the parent’s phone allowing them to see what their child is accessing and block it off, so they can’t visit the website the parent has blocked off. We have made some progress with this project we have started researching how to code something like this and we have started coding the app. We can’t make very much progress on our project our internet is down and we can’t access any school electronics but we have made as much progress as we possibly can on our app. We have started designing the cover of the app and the layout of it but work on the coding is going slow we are working as much as we can but we have to work slowly on coding. We want to call this app ParentLock. The reason we are going to call this app ParentLock is the parent of the child is locking off things. This can also be used as a tool for parenting the parent can lock off things like social media and unlock them so the child can use and not use them with parent permission. We are expecting this app to work really well. Parents can use our app to help their child develop without seeing dark imagery at a young age or knowing of inappropriate things they shouldn’t know about the parent can even use the app to help kids get off their phones and see the world around them. The app can block off any app downloaded onto the phone sp the parent can block off the kid from anywhere and if the child is using an app or is on a website that is inappropriate to the setting the parent has set the parent will get a notification on there phone stating that their child is on an inappropriate app and the parent can just block it from there this app is something I believe mothers will particularly enjoy to keep their child safe and not allow their child to see inappropriate content not fit for children under the age of 18. Another reason I believe our app will be a good success is because social media can cause depression, social anxiety, and sleep deprivation which can lead to bullying and cyberbullying which can cause suicide our product can stop kids from iseing social media and block there kid off from bullying and keep there grades and mental health up.

Team Members:

  Alice Shields
  Natalia Nino

Sponsoring Teacher: Tracie Mikesell

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