Wacky Wattmeter

Team: 67

School: Socorro High

Area of Science: Electrical Engineering

Interim: Problem Definition
All appliances consume power even while turned off. This is called “phantom” or “vampire” electricity. This leads to high electric bills and wasted power for those who try to conserve electricity. Whether you are trying to conserve your own electricity or just simply trying to save on your electric bill, saving energy will be beneficial to you.
In order to solve the problem of “phantom” electricity, the outlet itself would have to stop distributing power. Now since we’re sure no one wants to bend down to an outlet and flip a switch to turn it off, we will create a wattmeter that automatically turns off the outlet when the watt distribution has a sudden decrease.
We had a sudden restart because our last idea was scratched. So as of now, we have little more than an idea.
After we finish programming and designing our wattmeter, we would like to have a wattmeter that will accurately sense wattage and is able to correctly assume when an appliance is not in use. Therefore, we would like to have a project that can save electricity for all households.

Team Members
Alexander Torres
Brandon Hobbs

Sponsoring Teacher
Jay Garcia

Team Members:

  Alexander Torres
  Brandon Hobbs

Sponsoring Teacher: Jay Garcia

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