School Bus Routing

Team: 68

School: Socorro High

Area of Science: Mapping

Interim: Problem Definition :
The problem that is being worked on is a smaller version of the Traveling Salesman Problem. The traveling salesman problem is a long awaited problem for trying to create an algorithm to find the shortest route through a set of destinations. The problem itself seems easy, but when trying to actually tackle it, it is not an easy task at all. The problem had sparked a competition with a reward with a million dollars to whoever could find a solution. The reason that this is so difficult is because of how complex the algorithm has to be to try and obtain the quickest routes. We had chosen this project, at the time, because of how the bus I normally ride before school would always nearly be late in the mornings and we wanted to fix that.
Problem Solution :
The solution to the problem isn’t really known, the only way that it could be solved is by creating another algorithm to add to the list. The traveling salesman problem is one of the biggest mysteries to tackle, in terms of programming. The traveling salesman problem may never get an answer anytime soon, but it is definitely worth trying to find one.
Progress to Date :
My current progress is trying to learn how to make the HTML and PHP page interact with each other. I am having to try and look towards different sites to learn this but it is something that I am working on!
Expected Results :
My expected results will be an algorithm that doesn’t work too efficiently, for I am still barely trying to learn programming. I do expect to learn something from this, though! I do expect to learn how to code in HTML and PHP. My algorithm may not be used well but it will be worth the effort!

Team Members:

  Joseph Wills

Sponsoring Teacher: Jay Garcia

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