To vaccinate or not

Team: 8

School: Belen Middle

Area of Science: biology

Interim: Preventable diseases are spreading when they shouldn’t be because some people are choosing not to vaccinate their kids. This causes diseases that were once extinct to now become a problem again. We need to create awareness about how quickly a disease such as measles can make a comeback from near extinction. We will support our project with videos that support our hypothesis.
We plan on creating a model using Netlogo that shows the spread of measles before there was a vaccine. And a model with a vaccine. We can also model the current situation of a vaccine being available and people not getting the vaccine.
We have talked to our teacher and made our project more manageable. We have had several conversations that involved possibilities with Netlogo. We have looked at similar situations that can be modeled in Netlogo.
We are expecting for model 1 before a vaccine to show an overwhelming amount of people being infected with disease. Model 2 will show that the numbers of infected people will decrease. Model 3 will show that more people are being infected and the disease is spreading.

Team Members:

  Riley Coe
  Emily Chick

Sponsoring Teacher: Juanita Silva

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