Historical Goggle World

Team: 9

School: Belen Middle

Area of Science: Augmented Reality (VR)

Interim: Interim

The problem definition

The problem we will be trying to solve is the boredom in history. As it may seem, when in a history class, many people don’t seem interested. Sometimes they don’t like history enough because of boredom. Because of this, the consequences can lead to bad grades and possibly a bad future

The problem solution

We are going to attempt making a somewhat model like google earth. We want to improve the excitement of history and so we are going to make it travel back in time. We will probably make it go back 5-10 years at a time. This will make history better by going back in time at the desired place. We are going to make History Goggle Earth start simple by rooting it at one place.


So far, we got a plan for what we are going to do. We are hoping to find online images of old Belen and compile them into a 360 degree view of each area. We are hoping that as the ages continue, more will be added on. We still need to get to the programming but in the meantime, we got the idea of a basic layout.

Expected Outcome

We hope to achieve the excitement in our project. We hope that it works like Google Earth but can time travel perfectly without messing up. We hope to help people who cannot visualize that well can use this to help them study history.

Mentor: Gordon McDonough

Team Members:

  Azrael Gallegos
  Aidan Gallegos
  Adam Sanchez
  Nathaniel Gautro

Sponsoring Teacher: Juanita Silva

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