Team: 1007

School: Memorial Middle

Area of Science: Computer Science

Proposal: We want to research how viruses are giving out personal information to criminals around the world.This is important because criminals can steal your identity and money. As a result we want to achieve how to weaken viruses before they strike and harm consumers online accounts. Our plan of action is to research various computer/phone/gaming console and then research there weaknesses. We need to brainstorm how to disable different viruses sources.

Were going to test our ways to disable viruses by using computational models to help us answer the following questions:
What does the corporate do after the attack on the data security network?
What are the protocols if there is an active data breach in the security network?
How does the corporate respond to the attack?
How do the workers respond to an active data breached?
How do they tell their customers what is going on?

We anticipate the solution is to find these viruses that are located in different websites, corporations/business,or different kinds of technology for each virus and identify how they can be stopped.

Types of Computer Viruses
Email viruses
Directory viruses
Trojan horses
Direct action viruses
Overwrite viruses
Polymorphic viruses
Memory resident virus
Multipartite virus
Macro virus
Web scripting viruses
Boot infectors

Team Members:

  Elijah Martinez
  Aiden Mascarenas

Sponsoring Teacher: Denette Martinez

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