Plotting defects in graphene at the nano-scale

Team: 1012

School: Southwest Secondary Learning Center

Area of Science: Physics

Proposal: When items are viewed under an electron microscope they exhibit defects. However, there is currently no algorithm or computer program that can accurately predict those defects.

This proposal is an attempt to plot those defects under specific variable conditions using the edges on one atomic layer of graphene in a 2D plane using an XY scale and the Lennard-Jones potential based on low to high energy positions.

The hope is by plotting these defects it might be possible to identify repeating patterns and trends that can not only be plotted but possibly analyzed to find an algorithm and/or formula that can predict defect patterns in different types of materials with specific variables at the nano-scale.

Data from a current project at LANL.GOV of one atomic layer of one nano-meter square of graphene as observed and analyzed under an electron microscope and provided by the MTS (Material Technology Science) group will be the basis for our project.

The edges will be plotted on a 2D plane, XY scale and used to display visual patterns and repeating numerical sequences.

A supercomputer will be used to develop and plot large sample analysis of the data in an attempt to see trends and repeating patterns under specific variables using the Lennard-Jones potential to plot low energy and high energy positions as the basis for XY positions.

Team Members:

  Alyssa DeLaCruz-Bancroft

Sponsoring Teacher: Howard DeLaCruz-Bancroft

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