Cryptosystem Project

Team: 1015

School: Sat Sci Math Acad

Area of Science: Cyber Security

Initial problem: to find a way to efficiently route the power from a selection of power plants to the desired location depending on the power requirements of the sector and while taking into account if another plant could more effectively distribute power to that sector.

Purpose: To be able to increase power routing more efficiently, which can help lower power costs and increase energy coverage. While in turn reducing a city’s overall carbon impact by rerouting renewable sources first, as our top priority.

Plan of action: Our plan of action is to write a code that analyse the power output of power plants and the power consumption of communities to route the power to the communities effectively while prioritizing the power from renewable energy sources to lower the carbon imprint of the power grid while keeping an efficient and reliable system.

Saturday Science and Math Academy Group
Anwi F.
Gloria M.
Ronnie B.
Matthew B.
Michaela M.

Team Members:

  Matthew Barkley
  Anwi Fomukong
  Michaela-Joyce Moshe
  Gloria-Joan Enga
  Ronnie Betts

Sponsoring Teacher: Debra Johns

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