Wildfire Spread

Team: 1016

School: Monte del Sol

Area of Science: Environmental

Proposal: SuperComputing Challenge 2019-2020
-School: Monte Del Sol Charter School
-Team 1016: Hebert Soto, Nefi Perez, Maximillian Montoya, and Shayla Anthony
-Sponsor Teacher: Rhonda Crespo
-Project Title: Wildfire Spread
Global climate change increases the frequency and severity of wildfires; however, does it also affect the pace that wildfires spread, particularly those in California?
In this model, we will test how long wildfires take to spread in California. Our hope for this model is that it will provide sufficient information to increase the time efficiency of wildfire evacuations in the area.
We plan to create four different models in NetLogo to test the pace that wildfires spread in California. Each one will represent a different life zone in California under varying degrees of climate change. We will do online research on the different life zones in California, and the effects of climate change on those life zones, to build models applicable to the real world. In addition, we will also interview civil engineers, firefighters, and other individuals in related fields that pertain to this project for that same purpose. Upon completing the models and running various simulations, we will study our data and draw our conclusions.

Team Members:

  Nefi Guevara
  Hebert Soto
  Maximillian Montoya
  Shayla Anthony

Sponsoring Teacher: Rhonda Crespo

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