To Catch A Battleship

Team: 1023

School: Media Arts Charter School

Area of Science: Math/Game Theory

Proposal: My project is to find the best way to search on a board in a game of Battleship. This can show the best way to search for something in a wide open area, think if the ocean was cut into that of a game board what would be the best way to find someone lost in the ocean. The results I hope to get include what is the best method of targeting battleships and if its better then just randomly shooting. Besides working on it in my super computing class I plan on scheduling meetings with teachers to try and get the help I need to complete my project. Initially I plan on building a grid that can act as just a game of battleship with no formulas. Once I manage to do that I’ll go and program a pattern for the shots to be taken in.

Creighton Eddington
Henry Henderson

Team Members:

  Tyler Wyskochil

Sponsoring Teacher: Creighton Edington

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