3! 2! 1! Action! The Film Making Experience!

Team: 11

School: Belen Middle

Area of Science: Computer Science

Proposal: We are thinking of an animation/film creator, that allows you to create many types of films it will allow you to create live action, anime and cartoon films. This would help many people because some people don’t know how films are made. It is very complicated trying to do it the normal way so we are going to make an easier way of making it using virtual reality. We think that an interactive program would be helpful for many people because it would allow them to be able to make films even if they know nothing about it. We think that if we make this virtual reality program for the Playstation Vr because it will look better and have better controls.
This program would be necessary to college students whose major in film making and it would help them understand the fundamental basics of film making.This program is a functioning and working program, it should work the way it was intended to work, it should serve the purpose that it was made to serve. It would also provide the basic knowledge that would be provided in Film making introductory class. We plan on working on this program using coding and we plan on making this program as a virtual reality simulator.

Team Members:

Sponsoring Teacher: Juanita Silva

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