Detection of Network Attacks with Aircrack-ng

Team: 14

School: Capital High

Area of Science: Cybersecurity and Networking

Proposal: Over the years, wi-fi and the internet have now become an essential household and business need. This also increased the rise in hacking and malware attacks in said household and business residence. Thanks to today’s technology, we can use the information found on the internet to better protect ourselves and the community around us. Yet, this isn’t enough, hackers can still find a way to get the needed information they can, to expose said residence.

Using ‘aircrack-ng’ within the BASH terminal, we can now understand, research and use this to better program a system into possibly disrupting or protect against these malicious attacks. Using this software, we can create this program within the Python language, using the pyrcrack and socket module.

With this knowledge, we can better understand the actions needed to create these malicious attacks found within homes, businesses or other infrastructures. Defeating these malicious attacks

Jason Schaefer from Schaefer Consulting in Santa Fe

Team Members:

  Hansel Chavez
  Jonathan Garcia
  Lourdes Armenta Cazares
  Isel Aragon
  Erika Delgadillo

Sponsoring Teacher: Irina Cislaru

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