It’s Raining Seeds! Hallelujah!

Team: 16

School: Eldorado High

Area of Science: Agriculture


Project Definition: Our project is building off of a current initiative to replant areas affected by forest fires using drones dropping seeds. We are interested in the effectiveness of this method, and how we can optimize factors such as the arrangement of drones and frequency of dropping seeds

Purpose: Our purpose in completing this is to help forests recover faster from forest fires in a safe, efficient manner. We are specifically focusing on dry New Mexico forests so frequently affected by forest fires, and so unable to quickly recuperate, but it could be applied to other areas.

Plan of Action: We plan to use Netlogo3D to model the behavior of the drones while replanting forests. Our independent variable is how the drones deposit seeds, meaning formation, frequency of dropping seeds, and number of drones. We would like to look into modeling flight formations after bird flight, since birds are natural depositors of seeds.. Eventually we would like to use GIS data for New Mexico to model a forest environment exactly and add other factors, such as wind, natural seed deposition and waterflow, to allow our program to be more accurate to real world conditions.

Sponsoring Teacher Karen Glennon

Project Mentors Patty Meyer, Neil Haagensen

Team Members:

  Brendan Kuncel
  Savannah Phelps

Sponsoring Teacher: Karen Glennon

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