What we can do to Discourage Diabetic and Obese Lifestyles

Team: 17

School: Grady High

Area of Science: Biomedical

Proposal: Diabetes is a major problem across New Mexico, 14.1% of New Mexicans have diabetes, and 39.7% of people have prediabetes. Exercise and healthy eating can help prevent type 2 Diabetes. We want to find out what cities and local governments can do to encourage these habits. For instance, bike lanes and parks might encourage exercise, therefore lowering diabetic rates. We could make a model of a town and include multiple variables which could be modified to test their influence on diabetes rates. These variables could be things like, availability of fast food, miles of bike lane, car usage, or accessibility of parks. We would collect our data from the New Mexico Department of Health, map data, and other sources. We hope to educate people about diabetes and the causes of diabetes, in-order to encourage an anti-diabetes lifestyle. We will achieve this with a model in Net-logo.

Team Members:

  Tristen Pool
  Alexis Brandsma
  Erynn Vetterly

Sponsoring Teacher: NA

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