Agricultural Drought

Team: 18

School: Jackson Middle School

Area of Science: Geology

Proposal: Supercomputing Challenge Proposal
Agricultural Drought

Team #1004.
Team Members:
Israel Leonardo Chirino
Sebastian Godin-Davis
Santiago Jose Herrera
Karen Glennon
Sharee Lunsford:

How can we better manage and store our water in case of an agricultural drought throughout New Mexico? We will be taking account of factors such as, the growing population of New Mexico, the high temperatures which keeps increasing every year, the limitation our state has with how much water they use, and the fact that our state isn't humid.

With greater risks of drought every day around New Mexico it’s better that we learn to conserve our water. A solution we plan to test is stretching our farm water supply further by installing a system to reuse runoff water by relocating the water and reuse it into a sprinkler. Part of this system will filter out the pesticides.

Agricultural drought is a case where there is a water shortage. Albuquerque gets our farm water from the Rio Grande using small amounts of water in irrigation ditches. We will look into dams and snowmelt/runoff.

Our model will be coded in Python to show how runoff water will be filtered and then redispensed into the sprinklers. Data collection will be shown in a graph that shows either an increase or a decrease in water supply, before and after our system is in place.

We plan to learn new ways to store and manage our water in New Mexico. Our system that'll show either the increase or decrease of our water incase of agricultural drought.

Team Members:

  Israel Chirino
  Santiago Herrera
  Sebastian Godin-Davis

Sponsoring Teacher: Karen Glennon

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