Fun Ways to Learn About Anxiety

Team: 19

School: Jackson Middle School

Area of Science: Mental Health

Proposal: Team #19
Team Members:
Natalia Godin-Davis
Renee Petrie
Sharee Lunsford
Mrs. Glennon

Definition of The Problem:
Anxiety has often led to depression, how can we prevent that? We decided to define the problem of anxiety specifically coping with anxiety. We would study the effects of anxiety, in several ways, to help cope and help reduce the amount. We would also find ways that will help the person with the symptoms overcome anxiety.

Purpose of Project:
To help people with anxiety, and to help them learn, and cope with it. Theoretically we could create a fun and helpful website that contains learning games, and some helpful coping skills that could fit your needs.

Point of Action:
We would like to create a website that would be educational and fun. We would first learn the fun aspect of board games, video games, and computer games. Second we would would use this knowledge to create a game using lua the program language.

We would be using the programming language lua, because it’s a good beginners programming language, and it also connects with our curriculums game.

Team Members:

  Natalia Godin-Davis
  Renee Petrie

Sponsoring Teacher: Karen Glennon

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