How to win Monopoly

Team: 21

School: Los Alamos Mid

Area of Science: Statistics

Proposal: Asher Koh and Hyunoo Kim
Simulating Monopoly Board Game

Our problem/question is what spaces on a Monopoly board are landed on the most. We will answer this problem by simulating a Monopoly board with virtual players in a 150 move game. The purpose of the project is to find winning strategies in Monopoly by determining which properties are the most effective to buy.
Our plan of action is to program this simulation using Python. We will simulate a pair of dice by telling the computer to choose a number between 1-6 twice and if the numbers equal each other, pick again and add the numbers to find how many spaces the virtual player moves. We will simulate Chance and Community Chest Cards, Jail, and virtual pieces/players. If time permits, we will include money and houses.
Our simulation will be a virtual Monopoly board simulated with two to six virtual players and a pair of dice to find out which spaces are landed on the most with the specified number of players. We will make the visual for the board using turtle graphics in Python. We will follow the official rules at the link below.

Team Members:

  Asher Koh
  Hayden Kim

Sponsoring Teacher: Aik-Siong Koh

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