Carbon Calculator

Team: 27

School: Media Arts Charter School

Area of Science: Environmental Science

Proposal: Research Plan

Rationale: What is one of the biggest things humans do that destroy parts of the planet? Palm oil is something that a lot of people use for cooking and it is also in a lot of items we use every day like shampoo, soap, and make up.One of the most animals at risk from palm oil are orangutans since palm oil companies are destroying rain forests to grow palm oil plantations. In this project I will make a Carbon Calculator for others to use and it will ask questions on weather or not you use these types of items as well as a few other things that expand your carbon footprint.
Hypothesis: How much carbon Dioxide does an individual person produce and what are some ways we can personally help the environment?
Why is this important?: Climate change is becoming a bigger issue the more people ignore it. This Carbon calculator will help show others how much they affect the environment.
Independent variable: People who use the carbon calculator
Dependant: The amount of CO2 someone emits
Controls: People who use the calculator, Amounts of CO2 produced, Products containing palm oil, and the calculator.

Team Members:

  Hannah Garcia

Sponsoring Teacher: Creighton Edington

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