Cithara for Nerds UwU

Team: 3

School: Belen High

Area of Science: Physics, wave lengths, and computer science

Proposal: Team Members:
Rachel Fletcher,
Leah Vivier,
Celestina Shirley.

Learning to play songs on a guitar can be so difficult, we want to make it a tad bit easier. most people play the wrong cord or just don't play in the correct tempo.

This is important (to us) because music is something that will always be around. We want to improve how it is played. Our own sponsor can't play notes and cords correct...

Our plan of action for this "issue" would be to find ways to read and tell you what note you played or are going to play. Also to get people to try and start with easier songs/melodies before going to a complicated one. This will give them more confidence in playing and help them continue.

Team Members:

  Rachel Fletcher
  Leah Vivier
  Celestina Shirley

Sponsoring Teacher: Jerry Esquivel

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