Unique Ways of Data

Team: 33

School: Media Arts Charter School

Area of Science: Data Science

Proposal: For this SuperComputing Challenge, I will show a unique way of displaying data of the top trending searches and include my spin of videogame images in the data as well. What I hope to achieve in this, is a simple collage, showing images of the searches and progressing smoothly. For my plan of methods, I plan to work on this project every morning during school and use more time on weekends. I am also spending time after school to make more progress.

Notepad ++

By using these programs, I will learn to code all the data of these searches into one place. Using the element of math and algebra, I will calculate the scale of the pictures chosen anonymously depending on the amount of searches that particular trend had. For example, if a trend has 1M searches, then I would scale the anonymous picture according to that size. As for the smaller trends, the pictures would be half or less than that size. As for the videogames aspect, I aspire to be a videogame developer, therefore this opportunity would assist me in learning more about programming.

As to the timing of the collage refreshing, I have not decided yet, due to the fact of how much I don't want my viewers to simply refresh the page every second.

Team Members:

  Selena Rodriguez

Sponsoring Teacher: Creighton Edington

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