Changing Earth

Team: 37

School: Melrose High

Area of Science: Geology

Proposal: Proposal
Gracie Sanchez
Melrose High School Senior
Team: #37
Changing Earth
The problem for my project is, since the beginning of time, whether you believe the bible or the science side, the earth is constantly changing. Now in the age of time, the earth is slowly dying. Pollution and the now forest fires are a big cause to this. So, I’d like to present a project that will make a show of how much the earth has and will change.
The importance is to show how much the earth has changed and will change in the future. Like to show how much the earth has changed and its importance as to show why it is important to recognize what is happening to our poor earth.
The procedures are we are going to make a model that will represent the earth from its beginning till its many and many years long going into its future. There will be many stages that will hopefully be put into this. Starting with the dust and minerals starting to form into a ball, its volcanic stage then all the way to its present and we will try to predict its future. The earth from the time of its beginning and now and possibly its future, there will be mass changes and maybe this will help people recognize how much our earth is in utter need of saving.

Team Members:

  Gracie Sanchez

Sponsoring Teacher: Alan Daugherty

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