The Dead Files

Team: 38

School: Melrose High

Area of Science: Forensics

Proposal: Team number: MHS 12
Members: Graylen Moore, Jake Pierce, Deajha Downey, James Gilbert, Nataley Mondragon

DNA evidence is a critical part of solving crimes in today's society. We have all seen this on many tv shows and movies showing how forensic scientists use this information to solve these crimes. Our team is interested in this subject because we have several teammates interested in going into forensic science and criminal law.
For our project we will be using NetLogo to create a map of the area with various components such as farms, fields, buildings, pastures, trees, and rivers. The computer will randomly deposit DNA evidence into the model. We will use algorithms obtained from research to see how quickly DNA evidence will break down under the different conditions it might be exposed to. We will also add random weather factors.
We hope this model will help show how quickly investigators must make searches in order to obtain valid and usable DNA evidence samples.

Mentor: State Police Officer Harvey Parks - Curry County Division

Team Members:

  Tristin Gilbert
  Deajha Downey
  Graylen Moore
  Nataley Mondragon
  Jake Pierce

Sponsoring Teacher: Alan Daugherty

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