hearing test

Team: 39

School: Melrose High

Area of Science: physiology

Proposal: Chantilly Fulgham

Supercomputing Proposal


Team number: 39

The problem I am going investigate is how ear buds and other environmental factors affect hearing and hearing loss. We will look at how the different pitches change hearing and by how much. Also, we will look at how loud ear buds affect hearing because this is a big problem with our generation. People don’t seem to care about the damage they do to their ears with ear buds. We will also research different jobs with their noise levels and various environmental factors people are subjected to.

This project important because as this present generation is becoming more high tech, they put more stress onto their bodies, and most of them don’t care or know about it. Soon people won’t be able to do anything without an ear piece or ear bud in their ears. So, this will bring to light how it is affecting them and why they need to change the usage.

I plan on making a NetLogo model of a hearing test with different frequencies and volumes. I will test multiple different people with different jobs and ages. I will target people my age who use ear buds every day, a few days out of the week, and people who don’t use ear buds at all. I will test different ages as well. Because age can also play a part in hearing loss. Since I am doing a human based project, I will get the proper experimental experience through ENMU.

Team Members:

  Chantilly Fulgham

Sponsoring Teacher: Alan Daugherty

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