Whales vs world

Team: 40

School: Melrose High

Area of Science: Oceanology

Proposal: Madison Garrett
Evelyn Garrett
Melrose high school
House High school

Team #40

Whales Vs. World

In the past our team has done projects over pollution. We focused on different animals that inhabit the Pacific Ocean. In the past two years we have done projects over oceanology. The first one we did was over jellyfish and how if they don’t get the right nutrients before they can repopulate as well as the type of species they were. The second project was over the Leatherback sea turtles and how they ran into pollution while migrating.
We intend to continue this series by having our project over whales. Our project will be over how much pollution they can take in before they start being affected. We have also decided to focus on the hunting if the whales by the Japanese. Both the pollution and the whale hunting in Japan are affecting the whales. There is a low possibility that the whales are doing okay.
This topic is important because it helps us learn more about oceanology and the whales. Not much is known about the ocean and we would like to learn more about it. We are aware the pollution is affecting so many of the ocean wildlife but how much is the biggest mammal being affected. The whales need to take in a lot of trash before they start being affected. However we also need to bring in the fact that they are being hunted as well.
To work with this, we intend to create a model from NetLogo that shows two things. The first thing is the map of their migration routes, as well as the trash islands and the hunting ships. We will be basing this model off of the one we made last year of off NetLogo. The second model will be the layers of the ocean and how deep the whales go to find food. We will also include the plastic that will be flouting around.

Team Members:

  Madison Garrett
  Evelyn Garrett

Sponsoring Teacher: Alan Daugherty

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