solar sail colonizing

Team: 51

School: Melrose Middle

Area of Science: astronomy

Proposal: Heidi Macfarlane
Harvey Peacock
Levi Garret
Team, # 51
Project Proposal “Solar Sail Colonizing”

Our team is interested in doing a space based project. So we decided to model the different ways that humans can use to travel through space. The purpose of this project is to find out what solar sails can do and to see if we can have a spacecraft to take humans to another planet. We will compare to see how much better than other space craft’s we have now this would be.

We will make a model on getting to a planet that is earth like by a solar sail and colonizing based on this technology. We will take in to consideration many factors on this project. Gravitational pulls, fuel needs, possible earth-like plant locations, and years to get there, to name a few.
We want to model out what should happen in real life in outer space. We will have many properties in this model: speed of ship, solar intensities, planet locations, people’s lifespan and life support needs. We will do this project on the program NetLogo.
The problem is colonization or exploration of the universe. Some of the problems in real life we are facing are the speeds + time to travel to another planet, and the technology limitations of possible spacecraft.

Team Members:

  Heidi Macfarlane
  Harvey Peacock
  Levi Garrett

Sponsoring Teacher: Rick Daughterty

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