Micheal The Human 2.0

Team: 53

School: Mesilla Valley Leadership Academy

Area of Science: Computer science, Social science

Hello, our names are Alberto Castaneda and Diego Romero. And our project name is Micheal the human 2.0, So what is our problem? The problem people are introverted and are very lonely. We want to fix that, we are gonna introduce Micheal the human 2.0 (it’s 2.0 because we are fixing Micheal from last year). This year we are coding Micheal in Python.

So what results do we plan to get from Micheal? Well want people to use Micheal on a normal basis, we also want people to feel like they always have someone to speak to at any time of the day. If Micheal is successful, we may want to continue the development of him eventually make him available to the general public and not the private test we will be doing.

What is our plan to work on it? Well we are planning to work on this at home and during supercomputing, we want to meet up sometimes when there is no school to work.

Our plans seem feasible, Thanks for reading!

Diego romero, and Alberto Castaneda

Mentor: Mark Petersen

Team Members:

  Alberto Castaneda
  Diego Romero

Sponsoring Teacher: Tracie Mikesell

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