google safe search is unsafe

Team: 55

School: Mesilla Valley Leadership Academy

Area of Science: cyber security

Proposal: Cyber Security Proposal

The problem we have decided to focus on is that safe searches are not really safe. We are aware that Google and other safe searches don't catch all the bad imagery and websites, but some parents don't realize that Google safe search doesn't always catch everything. Parents assume it's perfectly safe for kids. We hope to raise awareness to the parents and staff of Google to make them aware that their searches should be made safer so that young children don't find inappropriate content and parents can feel more comfortable and confident with allowing their children to browse Google. We plan on raising awareness by making a website to help parents understand the potential dangers and posting flyers to raise awareness.

Team 55
Alice Shields and Natalia Nino

Team Members:

  Alice Shields
  Natalia Nino

Sponsoring Teacher: Tracie Mikesell

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