Fire Department Wait Times

Team: 56

School: Multi-CottonwoodDelNorte

Area of Science: Behavioral and Social Sciences

Proposal: School name: Multi-School
Project title: Fire Department Wait Times
Team members: Ayvree Urrea:
Kiara Onomoto:
Sponsor teachers: Karen Glennon
Project mentors: Patty Meyer

The problem is that the response times of fire departments in Albuquerque are too long. On average, it takes around 5 minutes for firemen to arrive at the scene once called. This leaves plenty of unnecessary time for a fire to escalate, becoming a danger to civilians. Response time is impacted by a variety of factors such as other vehicles, traffic lights being on stop when firemen have to go, and physical barriers. Fires have a huge impact on the community and even those few extra minutes can make a big difference.

Expected Results:
Since we started this project last year, we hope to gain more information by adding more accurate variables that will validate our project more and create a more complex plan. A variable we want to add in our program is real time to get results that have actual statistics to prove we can shorten the time by either adding a special traffic light that only allows emergency vehicles or adding a lane for only those vehicles. Like last year, we want to create a simulation of the fire departments in the Albuquerque area but to make this project more advanced, we want to look more into the area and focus on how roads are prioritized in different situations. With all of this planning, we expect to decrease the time it takes for fire departments to get to their location.

Plan Of Action:
Our plan of action is to learn and transfer our previous code to python. We plan to make one simulation that we will run multiple times to collect data. Within the simulation we plan to incorporate more variables such as other cars, physical boundaries, and real life time. We will also insert accidents to create traffic and unknown variables to give us more accurate data. We will base our code on the networking theory and traveling salesman problem which finds the shortest possible distance or lines to the destination.

Team Members:

  Ayvree Urrea
  Kiara Onomoto

Sponsoring Teacher: Karen Glennon

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