Deforestation Simulation Project

Team: 58

School: New Mexico Military Institute

Area of Science: Natural Environment


As the demand for wood and land increase due to population growth, deforestation accelerates. In the past decade, we have encountered construction sites replacing forests, resulting in a decrease in biodiversity and the depletion of natural resources.

Forests are our greatest resources that provide life on Earth but is also a habitat to many animals that create biodiversity in our world. Moreover, forests help remove carbon dioxide from our atmosphere slowing down the acceleration of global warming.

We plan on creating a simulation of forests in different areas around the globe using NetLogo. The simulation will show the rate of deforestation due to different reasons and the regeneration rate we need for environmental renewal. If time permits, we will add more variables that cause deforestation, or the cost of planting trees needed to find the most efficient rate of planting trees.

Team Members:

  Yoo Younggun
  Long Nguyen
  Khoa Do
  Jaejoon Lee
  Ryan Lee

Sponsoring Teacher: Mark Stone

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