Music and Piracy

Team: 61

School: Ruidoso Middle

Area of Science: Sound Engineering

Proposal: The problem we plan to solve in our Supercomputing project is piracy. This fits in this year’s theme, and also can be applied to many real-life situations that are concerning us today. In a recent study, it has shown how common (94%) piracy over television is. A factor in this may be the lack of access to cable television, but that is not what we are concerned about. The level of music piracy has increased by very much, as in 2018, 17 million people have stolen music or used an illegal streaming platform. We plan to fix this by developing a program that can detect and alert users of an illegal streaming program, or a source of music that has not been verified by the creators.

Lillian Lewis-Goza
Zoey Wheeless
Samuel Mize
Gwendolyn Fuqua
Ngaio Younger

Team Members:

  Ngaio Younger
  Brayden Mize
  Lily Lewis
  Zoey Wheeless
  Gwen Fuqua

Sponsoring Teacher: Daisy Cortez

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