Protect Their Data

Team: 64

School: Santa Fe High

Area of Science: Cyber Security

Proposal: what the problem is (the definition of the problem):

DDOS attacks can shut down companies for weeks even months, costing the company millions of dollars. To prevent this we can study how DDOS attacks are performed, and what parts of a server they attack, and the best way to handle them.

why it is important or what results you hope to get (the purpose of the project)

This is important because DDOS attacks can put companies out of business. We hope to find out what methods are best for preventing DDOS attacks, how to identify them early before it’s too late.

how you plan to work on it (plan of action or methods)

Our plan was to have some sort of mock server that represents a companies servers. Then we can perform DDOS attacks on our own server. We can then test certain defense methods and which one works best. Which mechanism works best in blocking certain malicious requests.

Team Members:

  Carson Cary

Sponsoring Teacher: Brian Smith

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