Team: 66

School: Socorro High

Area of Science: Computer Science, Behavioral and Social Sciences


Project COOP [ Computerized Officer Operations Placement ]

Crime is an extensive and serious concern for many people and governments. In New Mexico, that has been addressed with very minimal attention. Most of the solutions out there are simply to brute force it; to deploy more officers on the streets and increase their shifts. While this is a good temporary solution, it places much more stress on the officer and for such a financially lacking state as ours, a better solution would perhaps be to find the optimal locations for police stations. Not only will it save the government money to spend on other departments, but also means that many communities will be safer in the long run. This can be achieved in a variety of ways, but our plan is to map crime, forecast it based on this map using machine learning, and then analyze the data and find which locations in Albuquerque would be best for a police station with the previously mentioned data accounted for as well as traffic congestion among other variables.

Team Members:

  Elias Zheng
  Rio Sessions
  Cody Johnston
  Lucas Ward

Sponsoring Teacher: Jay Garcia

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