Bus Route Scheduler

Team: 68

School: Socorro High

Area of Science: Computer Science

Proposal: Person working on it : Joseph Wills

Proposal :

There has been a problem that my team and I have noticed about the school bus arrival times, it seems to be delayed to the point where bus 18 is no longer able to arrive on time, at least not enough time to let the hungry students to eat breakfast; a good portion of the time. When we are writing this proposal, the bus as already arrived late once and we believe the answer to get the bus on time may be a new route, one that can reach all the bus stops and still get to the schools on time.

Now we understand that we cannot calculate things like traffic or a sudden crash in front of the bus, those things cannot just be calculated. Hopefully this will actually be used to better bus arrival times at schools, though.

Team Members:

  Joseph Wills

Sponsoring Teacher: Jay Garcia

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