Household Water Conservation

Team: 69

School: Socorro High

Area of Science: Computer Science, Environmental Science

Proposal: As the population of the United States grows, and is doing so at a rapid rate, the availability for clean water is slowly diminishing. This is a real problem, as potable and clean water options are a dwindling resource, we as an entire population must work to conserve what we have.

As of now, 70% of daily water usage by Americans is used indoors. Of that indoor usage, 24% is used in toilets, 20% in the shower, 19% running the faucet and 17% washing clothes (the remaining percentage is classified as, “other,” and leaks). Some communities have used ordinances regarding water usage but they must have the enforcement infrastructure in place to make those rules effective. Essentially, there hasn’t yet been an easily deployable, effective and low-maintenance solution to reduce water usage in households across the United States.

By managing where, when, and how much water is used throughout a house, water usage could theoretically be reduced as much as desired by the water provider or the community.

The plan of action is to create a program that manages water usage/flow inside homes and is customized by the area’s water provider. The program regulates how much water is used in the home every day and is spread amongst utilities as wished by the water provider. The user will receive notifications when water pressure is low and how much water for daily use they have available.

Team Members:

  Joshua Walsh

Sponsoring Teacher: Jay Garcia

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