Historical Goggle World

Team: 9

School: Belen Middle

Area of Science: computer science

⦁ The Problem: people have a hard time visualizing places in history.
⦁ Why Its Important: it can help people learn history easier.
In this project, we plan to make a VR (Virtual Reality) version of google earth. This version (Historic Goggle World) Is also somewhat like a time machine. It can create images from different times for the viewer to see. They can go "back in time" and see what the area used to look like. We are planning to learn making VR with a computer and creating this app.

We are hoping that this can help many who cant easily visualize what places used to look like. This can help many people with this problem and entertain them with history. Two of us had seperate ideas (a time machine and a google earth [ our version is called Goggle world]). Then in one of our classes, one of us (the one who had goggle world idea) came up with the idea combining the two. This is how the idea of Historic Goggle earth was made. We believe it is unique and will help many people (and entertain too!).

Team Members:

  Azrael Gallegos
  Aidan Gallegos
  Adam Sanchez
  Nathaniel Gautro

Sponsoring Teacher: Juanita Silva

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