Team Number Project Title Final Report Final Code
3How Climate Change Affects Power Outage and the Distribution of PowerSCC Final Report 2022.pdfclimate grid 7.nlogo
4Optimizing the Geographic Location of Photovoltaic Panels in the Contiguous USTeam4_Final_Report.pdf
5Economics Model with Wealth Distribution using Netlogoteam05-final-report.pdfteam05-final-report.nlogo
7Music on Mars: Fourier Spectra to Differentiate Martian GeologyTeam 7 Music on Mars Final
8Air Pollution and How it Affects our EarthFinal Report - Google Docs.pdfUrban Suite - Pollution (2) (1).nlogo
9Sea Ice AlgaeFinal Report - Team 9.pdfCoding-Team 9.png
10Datacasting, an Opportunity in Educational EquityDatacasting Final Report.pdf
11The Healing Process: A Simulation of WoundsSuper Computing Research.pdf
12Robotic Air Quality Monitor: SnoopyFinal_Report.pdfSnoopy_Data_Analyses.pdf
13Super Computing Challenge: Food Waste SuperComputing Challange Food Waste Report.pdfGraph of Methane and Carbon Info.nlogo
15Modeling Smoke Plume Dynamics from
16A-Maze-Ing Algorithms Final Report
17rate of fire speedRapid Speed of A Fire Report - Google Docs.pdfScreen Shot 2022-04-04 at 4.47.44 PM.png
18H2 Oh No! The study of water Vapor
19A look into the collision of galaxiesFinal SCC - Google Docs.pdf
21A Ray Of Hopeteam21-final-report.pdf
22Machine Learning in
23Maze Solving for BeginnersTeam23-Final-Report.pdf
24Effects of Combinations of Halogen Additions to Molecules on Absorption/Emission Wavelengthteam24-final-report.pdf
26The Correlation of Drug Ingestion and Brain Performanceteam26-final-report.pdf
27Designing Proteins with Quantum and Neuromorphic
28Relationship Between Deforestation and Climate Change28-Climate Change.pdf
29Relationship Between Deforestation and Climate ChangeAmazon Deforestation Team 29.pdfAmazon Deforestation Team 29.pdf
30Classifying Mushroom Edibilityteam30-final-report.pdfLinkTrainingImageDatasetsWolframLanguage.pdf
32Can Visuals affect the way people experience sound?Team 32 Final Report.pdf
34 DNA Methylation with Machine Learning: Prediction of Alzheimer’s Disease and Novel Gene TherapeutSupercomputing Final Report.pdfFinalCode.doc
35Forecasting EarthquakesSupercomputing Challenge Final Report.pdfnowraphealthquake.nlogo
37Predator Prey SCC 37 Predator Prey Relationship.gslides.pdfpredator prey wunsch-4.nlogo
45Entropy in Chessteam45-final-report.pdfcode.pdf
47Developing a Control Algorithm and Simulation for Thrust Vector Controlled RocketsSupercomputing Final Report.pdfTwoDSimSimpleAero1stGen.slx
48What is the best strategy for Master Mind?
51There Is No YellowTeam51-Final-Report.pdfyellow.nlogo
53Art With TechSuper Computing Challenge Write-up(2).pdfSuperComputing Final Report Code.pdf
56Understanding SweetnessTeam56-Final-Report.pdf