Team Number Project Title Final Report Final Code
1Forecasting Dangerous Levels of Ground Ozone with Machine Learningteam1-final-report.pdfteam1-code-link.pdf
2"Get the Show On, Get Paid- All That Glitters is Gold" - Smash Mouth's All Starteam2finalreport.pdfcodesupercomputing.pdf
3Keeping Personal Assistant Devices Secure at Home: The Google Home Mini (GHM) team3-final-report.pdfCode 2.ipynb
4 The Relationship Between Automation and Unemployment Rates Team4-Final-Report.pdfFinal
5Using Machine Learning to Detect and Categorize the Presence of Cancerteam5finalreport.pdf
8Machine Learning in Cancer Treatment: A Computational Method to Compile the Most Practical Treatmentteam08_final_report.pdfrepo_link.txt
9Solar Age team9-final-report.pdfteam9-final-report-code.pdf
10unCAPTCHA: AI Recognition of Distorted Text in
12Data Loss and Encryption on Your EmailEvaluation Research.docx
13SIN(language): Visualizing Acoustics During COVID-19 With Spatial Signal
14Using Technology to Aid Those Struggling With PTSDTeam14_Final_Report.pdfTeam_14_Code.pdf
15Pleistocene Park Simulationsfinal report for team report for team
19Mindset in WritingSupercomputing Final Report -
20Effects of Ozone Depletion on HumansTeam20-Final-Report.pdfTeam 20-Final-Report-Code.pdf
21Trash in the Sea and How it Affects You and MeSuper Computing Challenge.pdfSuper Computing Challenge.pdf
22The Spread of Airborne Diseases by Socially Disobedient PeopleTeam 22 Final Report Super Computing.pdfSupercomputing.nlogo
23COVID19 Spreading modelteam23-final-report.pdfCOVID sim BETA.ipynb
24Developing the Technology for a Combat DroneFinal Report.pdfCalibration21.ino
25Think Before You DrinkTeam 25-Final-Report.pdfTeam 25- Final Code.pdf
26Neuromorphic Computing: Modeling the Brain's Visual CortexNeuromorphic_Computing_Robert_Strauss_Supercomputing_Team_26.pdfsupercomputing_team26_code_link.txt
28Different Methods for 3D RenderingFinal_Report.pdf
31Using Fourier Analysis to Classify Running Water
33Is controlled flooding good for the environment?team33-final-report.pdf
34Exploring Simple Spatial Models of River Floodsteam34-final-report.pdfTeam34Code-LinkToRepository.pdf
36Solution for Artificial Turf Causing CancerSupercomputing Challenge Final Report.pdfComputing Challenge Google Sheets - Proposal_Notes.pdf
38Bacteria and Antibiotic ResistanceBacteria and Antibiotics Resistance.pdfteam 38 2.3 (2) (1).nlogo
39Coding Types vs. Time and Accuracy team39-final-report.pdfFinal Report Codes.pdf
41Epidemiology model of Covid-19team41-final-report.pdfFinal epedemic model.nlogo
43STEM Reforestation RationTeam43_Final_Report.pdfQuantity_vs_Quality_4_Reforestation_April_7.nlogo
45Ocean/Acequia Pollution_team45-final-report.pdfNew Pollution Urban Suite - Pollution.nlogo
46CoVID VixensVixens Final Report.pdfMasking_Up_Against_CoVID_(MARCH_19).nlogo
49Road RaceRoad Race final report.pdfXav_Glizz_Jaryn RoadRace.nlogo
51Using Hemispheric Sensing with Trajectory Prediction to Mechanically Dodge Space Debristeam51-final-report.pdfteam51-final-code.ino
56Police-Citizen InteractionTEAM 56_ Supercomputing Challenge Final Report.pdfCivilian Officer Interactions.txt
57Traveling on the Roadteam57-final-report.pdfSupercomputingTraffic (5).nlogo
59Fire RescueFire Rescue Final Report.pdf
60To Catch A BattleshipTeam60 Supercomputing Final Paper.pdfTeam60-Final-Code.rar