Team Number Project Title Final Report Final Code
1An Integrated Approach for Immediate and Long-Term Air Quality Regulation and Monitoring in Mexicoteam01-final-report.pdf
2For Crying "Drought"
4Machine Learning based Accessible Mobile App for Activity Recognition and Freezing of Gait MonitorinSupercomputing Final Report - 2022_2023.pdfCopy of Supercomputing Challenge 2022-2023 --- Code.pdf
6SINGS: A Simple Interactive N-body Gravitation Simulatorteam6-final-report.pdf
7Simulating the Creation of Kerosene Using Sunlight Water Vapor and AirTeam 7 - Final Report.pdfTeam 7 Final
8Analyzing the Impact of COVID and its Correlation with VaccinesTeam8_analyzingCovid_finalReport.pdfTeam8_code.pdf
9A Robotic Fire and Fire Weather Measuring System, SmokeyTeam_9_Final_Report_Smokey.pdfTeam_9_Smokey_Code.pdf
10Predicting Heursitscs Related to the Controversiality of a Social Media Postteam10-final-report.pdfteam10-final-code.pdf
13Tracking Cislunar Orbits Team13_Final_Report.pdfTrackingCislunarOrbits.pdf
14Mapping Anthropogenic Ocean Litter with an Autonomous Underwater VehicleFinal Report .pdfCode Instructions.pdf
15Artificially made or not?Super computing.pdfSuper computing.pdf
17Locating Smoke Plumes & Fires Accurately team17-final-report.pdftriangulation4_5_23.nlogo
18Mental Health Apps And The Need For A Crisis ButtonTeam 18 - Final - Report.pdfFINALCODESCC.txt
19Genetics of ADHDADHD_and_Genetics_Final_Report.pdf
20Relationship Between Deforestation and Climate ChangeRelationship Between Deforestation and Climate Change (1) copy.pdfStarlogo_Nova_CODE.pdf
21Amazon deforstation Amazon Deforestation2023.pdfAMAZON DEFORESTATION CODE.pdf
22Using Sensors to Detect and Maintain Distances in the Real Worldteam22-final-report.pdf
24Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Visual Recognition of Images to Show 3d Printed Part Effectiveness.Fuel cell Final Report.pdf
25Sparks vs. Bolts: An Exploration of the Environmental Efficacy of Electric and Gasoline VehiclesTeam 25 Final Report for Submission.pdfTeam25FinalCode.nlogo
26M.E.D.I.C Bot: AI in HealthcareTeam 26 - SCC Final Report .pdf
27Stress Anxiety Monitor (SAM)
28Developing an Autonomous Aerial Package Transport SystemTeam 28 Supercomputing Final
29Wind Turbine FencingSupercomputing Final Report (Snow Fencing) (2023).pdfSupercomputing Final Report (Snow Fencing) (2023).pdf
35The Water RobotTeam 35- SCC Final Report.pdf
36Deflect LighteningTeam 36 SCC Final Report.pdf
37Testing the Efficacy of the Oral BiomeTeam 37 Final Report.pdf
39AI BasketballPraise Ejimkonye - SCC Final Report
40How Visuals can affect the way people experience sound?chibuike offor - SCC Final Report Outline.pdf
41Tsunami Disaster DetectionSupercomputing Challenge 2023 Research Paper - Tsunami Disaster Detection, TEAM 41.pdfSupercomputing Challenge 2023 Tsunami Disaster Detection Code, Team 41.pdf
43Should we be farming Hemp?Super Computer Final.pdf
44Tech Generated ArtTechGeneratedArtFinalReport.pdfFinalReportCode.pdf
47Fire And WaterFire & Water Final Report.pdfhydrolic_erosion_program.cpp
50Galaxies Far, Far
51Modeling EarthquakesTeam51FinalReport.pdfNoWrapCountHealthSteelQuake.nlogo