School Team Number Project Title Final Report Final Code
Capital High13Gun Block: Detecting Guns in a Video Stream Using Machine-LearningTeam13FinalReport.pdfFinalReportCodesLink.pdf
Capital High14Identifying WLAN Attacks Using Aircrack-ngIdentifying WiFi Attacks Using Aircrack-ng.pdffinal-code.pdf
Desert Academy15Giving signatures a
Eldorado High16It’s Raining Seeds! Hallelujah!Final Report.pdfItsRainingSeeds.nlogo3d
Gadsden Mid1008Measles Spread Vaccinated vs UnvaccinatedMeasles Spread Group 1008.pdf
Gadsden Mid1010Hep C in a Closed SystemHep C.pdfHep C in Closed System.odt
Gadsden Mid1020Distemper in a Humane SocietyCopy of Final Report 2.pdfDistemper Project.odt
Grady High17Encouraging Anti-Diabetic Lifestyles in New Mexico CommunitiesFinal Report .pdfMellitus_5.1.nlogo
Jackson Middle School18Agricultural DroughtAgricultural Drought Final Paper.pdfCode 2019-20.pdf
Jackson Middle School19A.P.S. (Anxiety Perceived as a Society)Petrie and Godin-Davis Final Report.pdf
Jackson Middle School1018Lead Poisoning RemovalLead Poisoning Removal.pdfsplit-stream.nlogo
Los Alamos High20Activity-by-Contact Model to Predict Enhancer-Gene
Los Alamos High1003Modeling Unknown Dynamical Systems with Neural Differential EquationsNeural_Differential_Equations_supercomputing.pdfFinalCode.txt
Los Alamos High1005Comparing Sparse and Dense Neural Networks: Using AI to Detect
Los Alamos Mid21How to win MonopolyFinal Report - Google Docs.pdfMonopoly20200406a.ipynb
Los Alamos Mid1017Visual Detection of Melanoma Cancer with Artificial
Los Lunas High22Fuel for our Futurefinal report fuel for our future.pdfAlgae simulation.nlogo
Manzano High26Malwarefinal report .pdffinal report .pdf
Media Arts Charter School28The Avian Oasis, creating water for endangered birds. Team28Report.pdf
Media Arts Charter School31Novel approach to winning a Domino GameInterim report.docx
Melrose High35“Till the Cows Come Home Again”CowsFinal Report 2.docxBasicCows.nlogo
Melrose High37Radiation Spill, Chernobyl USA Team37FinalReport.pdfRadiation.nlogo
Melrose High40Whales vs. WorldOrca Final Summery.docxOrca (old code).nlogo
Melrose Middle36Mustangs of
Melrose Middle51Deep Space Travelspace FINALREPORT.docxspace solor sail NETLOGO.nlogo
Mesilla Valley Leadership Academy54Safety on the RoadTeam54FinalPaper.pdf
Mesilla Valley Leadership Academy55child safetyfinal report .pdffinal report .pdf
Monte del Sol1016Examining the Effects on Wildfire
Multi-CottonwoodDelNorte56Albuquerque Fire Department Wait TimesAlbuquerque Fire Department Wait Times.pdfcode.pdf
Multi-Eldorado/Manzano/Sandia25 Internet of Things Security: How to Keep IoT Devices Secure at Home Final Report 2019-2020.pdfGoogleHomeMini_Security_Codept5.nlogo
New Mexico Military Institute58Deforestation Simulation Project: A Computational Solution for DeforestationSupercomputing_Challenge_NMMI_58.pdf58-DEFORESTATION-Final-1.nlogo
New Mexico School for the Arts59It’s ‘Bout To Get Lit Up In Here: Modeling Forest Fire Risks in Northern New
Rio Rancho Cyber Academy60Firebreak Comparisonteam_60_report.pdf
Sat Sci Math Acad1015EletricoReport.pdf
Socorro High66Project
Taos High70Doctors Assistant Program Continued Supercomputing 19-20 Final Report (1).docxSupercomputing-Challenge-2019-20-THS.7z